MICDS dog Ellie shares what she discovered about the MICDS Fund.

Let’s Celebrate the D.O.G.!

Hi, I’m Ellie, the pet dog of Head of School Lisa Lyle and Spanish Teacher David Sanders. You have probably seen me around the MICDS campus or even on Instagram. I am so lucky. I get to spend every day here with lots of big, small and medium humans. Really cool stuff happens at MICDS, and I heard that there is something called the MICDS Fund that helps make all this PAWsome stuff happen. For this year’s Day of Giving (D.O.G.), I thought it would be fun to sniff out what the MICDS Fund is really about, so I emBARKed on a journey through campus. I found five really important ways the MICDS Fund is making this place so special.

1. Books: Fun But Not Delicious

I have been all over this campus and have discovered that whether I’m in the Upper School, the Middle School or Beasley, we have the best classrooms. There is so much to smell and learn…and so many books! I learned that the MICDS Fund helps put books in the classrooms. When I visit Beasley, I get to go on adventures with the small humans when they read stories to me, or when my mom reads to them. I love books, especially the ones about animals. I don’t chew on them, I promise. They are fun to dig into and read, but they are not tasty at all. I’m glad there are so many books here, thanks to the MICDS Fund. Here’s to more adventures!

2. Barks Around the World

I love all the big humans on campus. The MICDS Fund lets the big humans give so much time and attention to the smaller ones, sometimes even during their lunch break! I wouldn’t miss my lunch for anything. They care a lot about the little humans, that’s for sure! My dad taught me to speak Spanish, which I like to think of as sPAWnish. I enjoy learning new languages, even though a bark is a bark around the world. I figure the more languages I know, the more fun it is to visit with humans from all over. MICDS students are learning many dif-FUR-ent world languages, just like me, thanks to the MICDS Fund.

3. Get Your Paws Messy

I love music. It makes me smile, and sometimes it makes me want to dance and jump. Mom definitely doesn’t like my version of singing. She says howling is not so musical to humans. But the small and medium humans are so good at all things musical and they even know how to make stage lights look really cool. I know this because I got to star in the school musical this year. Did you see my PUParazzi tailing me after? Our art studios are FURrific places to create, too. Whether you want to stick your paws into some clay or paint, sketch with a pencil or snap some photos, there are plenty of ways for small and medium humans to explore their creative side. Personally, I like to dabble in mixed-media, using golden colored fur as an accent in my work. Anyway, I found out the arts are PAWsitively amazing here, all thanks to the MICDS Fund.

4. Science Labs and Yellow Labs…Both are Good

Ah, the chemistry of smells. As a yellow labrador retriever, I’ve got a good sniffer. I learned that the medium humans in the Upper School create some really strange smells in their science classes. The large humans guide them and they all seem really excited when they look into the microscope or create bubbly things in glass tubes. Do you know why the STEM spaces are some of my favorite places on campus? It’s because of all the LABS, of course. They still won’t let me touch the dog-gone Bunson burners, even with my PAWsonal protective equipment. The small and medium humans in the Lower and Middle School have fun in their labs and Maker Spaces, too, and I watched the big humans get just as excited during events like the pinewood derby race and weather balloons. Did you know that pinewood derby cars are fun to chase? They go so fast! All these amazing learning spaces are helped by the MICDS Fund, too.

5. Dogs and Humans Love to Move


I enjoy visiting the pool. It seems like the humans have so much fun swimming. UnFURtunately, my mom says the pool and the pond are off limits for me, but oh what I could show these small humans. They don’t call it the doggie paddle for nothing! (Once I did get into the water feature in the Tschudy Plaza after the Homecoming Fun Run. Oops!). I heard the MICDS Fund ensures everything goes along swimmingly here.

Sometimes the medium humans wear uniforms and do amazing things with balls and sticks. Maybe they’re playing fetch? Personally, my favorite sport is lacrosse because the ball fits in my mouth the easiest. Those boy and girl humans must really like it, too, since they keep bringing home shiny trophies. All I know is that everyone – even the smallest humans – cheers like crazy at games and matches! The MICDS Fund makes that possible too. This is good because once you’re a Ram, you’re a Ram FURever.

Please Help My Humans Keep Learning

Most of all, I love all of the small and medium humans here at MICDS. I love that they are happy here and I love watching them grow. They are learning all the time, thanks to the big humans. Not just in the classroom, but also in the art studio and on stage, and on the field and in the gym. I am sure going to miss them next year. I would do anything to keep the PAWsome MICDS spirit going strong. I know the MICDS Fund has a lot to do with giving the humans here such an amazing experience. It sure makes a lot of really great resources PAWsible. If I could donate to the MICDS Fund, I certainly would. They don’t accept milk-bone donations, though.

Maybe you could make a donation for me? I hope you do! You can help every human at MICDS, every day. CLICK HERE to push the paws button and go make your MICDS Fund donation now!

Thank you for making our Day of Giving un-FUR-gettable!

Thanks for reading all the way to the end. You get a treat! Here’s one of my baby pictures.