Lindsey Herzog Shipley ‘07 Welcomes New Alumni

Lindsey Herzog Shipley ’07, President of the MICDS Alumni Association, welcomed the Class of 2024 to their new role at MICDS during their Commencement on Sunday, May 19, 2024. Here are her remarks.

It is an honor to be here with you today to celebrate the Class of 2024. As the president of the MICDS Alumni Association, it is my privilege and duty to formally welcome each and every one of you as the newest members of the Alumni Association – a strong, global community of more than 9,000 MICDS graduates in 49 states and 37 countries.

As I was contemplating what to say to you today, I couldn’t help but think about the Distinguished Alumni Award winners for this year – Carol Bodenheimer Loeb ’59, Dr. Jay Mason ’64, Joe Buck ’87, and Linda Wells ’76 – a truly remarkable group of alums who are at the top of their fields in education, philanthropy, medicine, broadcasting, and media. When they were on campus in April, each described the impact this school had on their lives. In hearing their stories, it wasn’t just the challenging academics, exciting sports competitions, or arts productions that made their time here exceptional – it was the way the people here pushed them to be the best they could be and supported them along the way.

The people at this school are some of the best, most talented, most supportive people you will meet. And the good news is that there are even more of us out there, ready to help you – the next generation of MICDS alumni. With the MICDS Alumni Association, your network includes top minds in every industry and vertical – senators and congresspeople, doctors and lawyers, artists and actors, philanthropists and programmers, and more – who can help open doors, answer questions, and make connections. That’s a graduation gift that keeps on giving, right?

But you’re giving us a gift, too. Today, our Alumni Association gains the gift of 150 new members – individuals who will come up with brilliant solutions to tomorrow’s challenges, people who will pave their own ways in industries that haven’t yet been created, and creators who will make art, music, and content that make us think and feel. The future and the power of our alumni community rests with each of you. We can’t wait to see the impact you’ll have on our world!

As you start this next chapter, don’t be afraid to ask for help – you’ve got one of the most powerful networks behind you to support you. On behalf of the Alumni Association and the thousands of alumni that have come before you, congratulations and welcome to the Alumni Association. Keep chasing your dreams and have fun! Oh, and go Rams!