Ram Reflections: Lower School Advice from a Fourth Grader

Students can be part of Beasley Lower School for up to six years, from Junior Kindergarten through fourth grade. Through that time, they grow, mature, and gain new experiences, friendships, and wisdom. To get a sense of all of the exciting ways they’ve changed, we sat down to chat with some of our fourth grade Rams who shared about their MICDS Lower School journeys and advice for new Beasley students. Read what they had to say below!

Lower School Reflections & Advice for New Beasley Students

Finn F. ’30, started at Beasley in SK (Senior Kindergarten)

  • Advice for a new Beasley student:
    “Do your best!”
  • How he’s changed from SK to fourth grade:
    “Well, I started by not knowing much stuff and not knowing anyone, but now over the years, I have learned a bunch of things and have made a bunch of new friends!”

Sana R. ’30, started at Beasley in JK (Junior Kindergarten)

  • Advice for a new Beasley student:
    “Be yourself and it’s ok if you don’t make a lot of friends, but just try to make some good friends. If you go here from JK to 12th grade, which is what I’m going to do, that’s going to be a really long journey. It’s going to be 14 years. A lot of the friends you’re going to make are going to last throughout this whole time. It’s always good to know that you’ll have specific friends that will always be with you no matter what. Also, have fun! And remember you always have to pay attention, be a good student, and be the best that you can be. That’s just really going to help you with everything.”
  • How she’s changed from JK to fourth grade:
    “I’ve become more outgoing not only at school but everywhere pretty much. I used to be really shy and didn’t want to talk to anybody really, but now, whenever I see a new person that’s around my age or somebody that I think would be a good friend, I’m going to talk to them. Like at school if there’s a new kid, I’m going to talk to them. Make them know that they’re very welcomed wherever they are so that they can be comfortable. At school, you want to be comfortable.”

Max T. ’30, started at Beasley in JK

  • Advice for a new JK student:
    “Don’t be worried, honestly. You don’t need to be nervous because everyone welcomes you in and they’re always teaching you what to do and when when you’re in JK.”
  • How he’s changed from JK to fourth grade:
    “When I was in JK, I was kind of running around a lot and not really paying attention to school. But now, I am paying attention more and I am learning better than when I started.”

Ashna J. ’30, started at Beasley in second grade

  • Advice for a new Beasley student:
    “If no one comes to talk to you at first, that just means they’re shy so try to talk to other people. Don’t be all to yourself. You can be yourself around most people.”
  • How she’s changed from second to fourth grade:
    “I’m more open more and, of course, I’ve learned a lot in all the classes. Before, I didn’t really talk a lot at my other school; now, I talk more to people and I have more friends.”

Taehee H. ’30, started at Beasley in JK

  • How he’s changed from JK to fourth grade:
    Now, I’m going onto harder stuff. In JK, it’s kind of like a different preschool but now it’s like actually doing stuff in fourth grade. I love science class. In science class right now we’re learning about circuits!”

Eloise D. ’30, started at Beasley in JK

  • How she’s changed from JK to fourth grade:
    “I’m more independent. I was very shy. I could not talk in front of my class and answer a question, so now I’m not as shy and I can speak in big crowds and stuff.”

Beasley Lower School in Three Words

We also asked our Beasley friends to pick just three words to describe MICDS Lower School. The most popular response? “Fun!” The most unique? “Lunch!” Check out all of their responses below!

Thank you to these fourth-grade Rams for sharing their words of wisdom and reflections with us! They hope these will help all future Beasley students!