You Might Be an MICDS Upper Schooler If…

Tell me you’re an MICDS Upper Schooler without telling me you’re an MICDS Upper Schooler.

What are the telltale signs of being an MICDS Upper Schooler? Read the list below of just a few of the fun customs and traditions that make Upper School at MICDS so vibrant!

You run with your classmates while decked out in white with a cowbell in hand as you make your grand entrance into the football stadium as part of the Homecoming “Running of the Rams” tradition.


You look forward to the day you can wear pajamas to school and enjoy a chocolate fondue fountain on Senior Chill Day.


Your advisory is like a second family. You know each other well, have the most brilliant advisory name, and will go all out in a duct-taped cardboard boat to prove how great your advisory is.


When you hear the word “troubadours,” you look forward to the next Upper School musical whether you want to act, sing, help create the set as part of Seldom Scene set design/building crew, or just watch to cheer on your friends who are part of the production.


If your class is supposed to test their Makerspace bridge creations on Halloween, you test your bridge while dressed up as a pig, Woody from Toy Story, or doctor.


When a touchdown is made, you immediately drop to the ground and do push-ups like the MICDS cheerleaders do each time points are scored by our Rams during football games. 


You can’t believe how little and young the Lower and Middle Schoolers seem when you lead them through the Peer to Peer mentoring program and guide them in creating their very own board games for their 3rd Grade Family History Museum projects in the Makerspace.


It’s always a good day when there’s frozen yogurt, Nashville fried chicken sandwiches, Korean tacos, s’mores bars, or toasted ravioli in the Dining Hall.


You’ve held over 1,000 frozen turkeys by the age of 18 during Turkey Train.


Each year, you look forward to participating in the Diversity Leadership Conference which is planned by MICDS students for fellow Rams students and students from local schools during which you talk about the issues faced around identity, diversity, and inclusion in schools.


When you hear “Blue Whale Cafe,” you envision you and your friends performing a favorite song in the spotlight during a talent showcase that helps an organization that focuses on preserving, protecting, and restoring ocean health.


Before you graduate, you’ve already built your own fire extinguisher, microrocket, roller coaster, herbarium, and coded a Sphero robot.


It wouldn’t be the end of the semester without the culminating performances from the Upper School band, strings ensemble, choir, and theater.


You’re proud to soon join an incredible network of successful alumni from Emmy Award-winning actor Sterling K. Brown ’94 and American sportscaster Joe Buck ’87 to Olympian Harriet Bland Green33 and author of The Joy of Cooking, Irma Rombauer Tuffs ’01.


When you pass by a pond, you picture tossing a senior into it in honor of them being the first of their class accepted into college.


You research whether to invest in Costco Wholesale Corporation (COST), 3M Company (MMM), The Walt Disney Company (DIS), or Lululemon Athletica Inc. (LULU) all on the very same day as part of the Student Investment Committee.


When thinking about summers once global learning trips reemerge, you’re trying to decide between service learning in Peru or participating in the STEM trip to Costa Rica.


Not only is Upper School for our Rams a special place, but also MICDS as a whole is full of memorable moments. Check out our traditions web page to glimpse some of the remarkable experiences had by students from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 12!