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The greatest strength of our MICDS community is, and always will be, its people. With this in mind, our commitment in these moments of heightened uncertainty is to ensure the well-being of our students, faculty, and staff while sustaining the best possible framework for great teaching and learning.

As always, guidelines are subject to change at any time based on updated CDC and St. Louis County Department of Public Health guidelines.

As the incidence of new cases of COVID-19 in St. Louis and across our country continues to rise, and as concerns about “breakthrough” infections in vaccinated persons have revived debates about the need for masking and other transmission mitigation measures, it is important to remember that these challenges, while significant, do not and will not define our collective endeavor as a school. Our Mission endures: to instill in our students lifelong habits of confidence, compassion, critical thought, and moral action, and to prepare them for lives of purpose and service. We will remain true to these commitments through and beyond our present adversities.

The extraordinary effectiveness of authorized vaccines against COVID-19 infection is well documented. We continue to have confidence at MICDS that a high rate of vaccination in our community offers the best available path toward a full return to a safe and normal experience of school for our students.

Vaccination reduces the likelihood of COVID-19 infection, which in turn reduces the likelihood of required quarantining, which in turn reduces the likelihood of interruptions to the in-person learning experiences that we are committed to providing to your children. As more members of our community become fully vaccinated, we expect to depend less on other spread mitigation measures to limit our vulnerability to such disruptions.


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Check out the current status of our faculty, staff, and students who have tested positive and/or are serving full or modified quarantines. Click here to view our dashboard, updated weekly.

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