Transform learning with us.

Annually, MICDS is the proud host of the Summit for Transformative Learning in St. Louis, known as “STLinSTL.” The 2025 conference is taking place June 5-6. Participants learn from the best, most sought-after experts in K-12 education and enjoy invaluable networking opportunities.

Session Topics

Embracing Technologies and their Educational Impact

Better integrate and explicitly teach the necessary skills and content that technology, such as AI, affords us.

Session Topics

Deeper Learning and Literacy

Explore ideas and strategies that help educators create classrooms of deeper learning.

Session Topics

Best Practices in Assessment and Feedback

Provide assessment and feedback in such a way that ensures students love learning and are motivated to achieve at high levels

Session Topics

SEL and Global Competency

Gain a deeper understanding of how to develop globally and culturally competent students through an SEL approach.

Session Topics

Mind, Brain, and Education Science

Consider the emerging research and accompanying best practices in Mind, Brain, and Education Science.

“The speakers are top-notch, very knowledgeable in their area, very enthusiastic and passionate about what they’re talking about, and have a lot of great, innovative ideas that we really need to be looking to try and implement in our classrooms.”

Todd K.
STLinSTL Attendee