2011-2012 Parents Association Slate

Please note – the Winter Board Meeting of the MICDS Parents Association will take place on Thursday, February 17, 2011, at 8:00 a.m. in Mary Eliot Chapel (Middle School building). Parents are encouraged to park in the C Lot, off of Ladue Road, near McDonnell Athletic Center. The 2011-2012 Parents Association Executive Board Slate will be voted on at this meeting.

Dear MICDS Parents,

Thank you to those who participated in the Parents Association nominating process by submitting suggestions to the Nominating Committees. The goal of each of the committees is to submit a slate of nominees for the 2011-2012 academic year. Each parent chosen to represent our MICDS community was selected because of their enthusiasm, commitment, knowledge and interest in our School and the Parents Association.

As required by our by-laws, there are two Nominating Committees which met in January to prepare a slate for the 2011-2012 Executive Board and Class Chairs. As required by our by-laws the below listed slates will be voted on for approval at the Winter Board Meeting on February 17, 2011. Thank you to the members of both committees whose names are listed below:

Executive Board Nominating Committee
Frances Burkham
Seema Chouhan
Michelle Cohen
Ann Desai
Susan Heimenz**
Kristin Hidell
Karen Kalinowski
Bridget Sliney *
Tammy Walsh

Class Chair Nominating Committee
Frances Burkham
Seema Chouhan**
Cheryl Ferguson
Karen Kalinowski
Karen Klingler
Angela Martin*
Asha Zimmerman

* absent because of emergencies **would abstain in case of a tie.

On behalf of the Executive Board Nominating Committee, I submit the following slate for the 2011-2012 Executive Board:

President* – Karen Kalinowski
Past President* – Frances Burkham
President Elect – Susan Johnston
Nominating Chair* – Tammy Walsh
Treasurer* – Virginia Howell
Assistant Treasurer – Cheryl Ferguson
Secretary – Linda Werner
VP Class Activities – Anne Carpenter
VP Communications – Angela Martin
VP Parent Activities – LaVanna Wrobley
VP Parent Education – Leslie Goldberg
VP School Community Relations – Rochelle Cella
VP School Services – Kim Pope

* denotes position filled in accordance with the bylaws

On behalf of the Class Parent Chair Nominating Committee, I submit the following slate for the 2011-2012 Class Parent Chairs and Vice Chairs:

12th Grade: Chair – Cyndie Lund Co-Chair – Lynn Koenemann
11th Grade: Chair – Anne Peacock Co-Chair – Bev Mach
10th Grade: Chair – Susan Kyman Co-Chair – Liz Dorr
9th Grade: Chair – Asha Zimmerman Co-Chair – Lynn Kosup
8th Grade: Chair – Betsy Mullenix Co-Chair – Trish Reeb
7th Grade: Chair – Tracy Speller Co-Chair – Yvona Hopkins
6th Grade: Chair – Christiana Edmond Co-Chair – Amy Kalishman
5th Grade: Chair – Gina Bundy Co-Chair – Stephanie Connell
4th Grade: Chair – Kristin Hidell Co-Chair – Melissa Riggs
3rd Grade: Chair – Erin Kane Co-Chair – Suzie Fox
2nd Grade: Chair – Amy Greenberg Co-Chair – Angela Mahoney
1st Grade: Chair – Michelle Cohen Co-Chair – Cindy Herzog
Senior Kindergarten: Chair – Ellen Song Co-Chair – Catherine Dassopoulos
Junior Kindergarten: Chair and Co-Chair TBD
Seema Chouhan, Chair, Nominating Committees