2015 Middle School Squash Tournament Recap

The Middle School spring squash season started right before spring break and ended this past Monday with a spectacular showing of sportsmanship and skill. Fifty-six 7th and 8th grade boys and girls signed up to play squash this year, with 46 competing in the optional end of season double-elimination squash tournament. Although some students had played for several years prior to the tournament, for many the only exposure to squash they’d had was in P.E. Many others were brand-new players to the game. It can be a daunting task for a beginner to play against someone with much more experience, and it was fantastic to watch those students in particular approach the challenge head on. With no exceptions, every middle school squash player improved throughout the season and this was evident during the tournament.

Congratulations to the winners of each division, and to all of the players who competed in the 3rd Annual Middle School Squash Tournament! Special thanks to Varsity Boys Coach David Doherty for being our guest referee for the boys and girls final. The teams are coached by Chris Brennan, Christy Moore and Robyn Williams.

Tournament Results

2015 Middle School Champions – Sonya Shafqat ’19 and Sully Keeley ‘20
2015 Runners Up – Sophia Puertas ’19 and Eli Paul ‘20
3rd Place – Jamerson Durrill ’19 and Will Cooper ‘19
Round of 32 Consolation Winner: Chris Olsen ‘20
Round of 32 Consolation Runner Up – Luke Bernstein ‘20
Round of 16 Consolation Winners – Bess Lehman ’20 and Daniel Hochberg ‘19
Round of 16 Consolation Runners Up – Jennifer Goldberg ’19 and Meade Summers ‘20
Quarterfinal Consolation Winners – McKay Marshall ’19 and Finn Polk ‘20
Quarterfinal Consolation Runners Up – Reni Akande ’19 and Kabir Singh ‘19