27 Students Shine in MSHSAA District Solo/Ensemble Festival

Twenty-seven MICDS vocal and instrumental students participated in the MSHSAA District Solo/Ensemble Festival held on Friday, March 6, 2020, at Parkway Central High School. Students performed one or two pieces before an adjudicator who provided written comments and critique on areas such as intonation, tone quality, articulation, dynamics and interpretation/style.

Each performer was assigned an overall rating of: 1-Exemplary, 2-Outstanding, 3-Satisfactory, 4-Developing or 5-Ineffective. Students earning a 1 (Exemplary) are eligible to perform at the MSHSAA State Music Festival on Thursday, April 30, 2020, at the University of Missouri-Columbia.

1 (Exemplary) Ratings:*

Penny Chen ’23, Piano Solo
Lauren Douglas ’22, Vocal Solo
Eric Ji ’21, Clarinet Solo
Alan Li ’23, Trumpet Solo
Alex Migala ’20, Trumpet Solo
Patrick O’Brien ’21, Baritone Saxophone Solo
Ittmum Zahir ’22, Vocal Solo
Nina Hamilton ’22, Eric Ji ’21, Renee Stanec ’20, Woodwind Trio
Claudia Cheng ’20, Sophie Fendler ’22, Emma Scally ’22, Kate Yuan ’22, Clarinet Quartet
* Photo includes the students who earned a 1 (Exemplary) rating.

2 (Outstanding) Ratings:

Chloe Cheng ’23, Clarinet Solo
Baz Cosmopolous ’22, French Horn Solo
Kevin Dong ’21, Vocal Solo
Logan Donnelly ’23 & Amelia Markwell ’22, Strings Duet
Kyle Fehr ’20, Shibashis Mandal ’20, Kyle Sha ’23, Saxophone Trio
Nina Hamilton ’22, Flute Solo
Ava Janes ’23, Violin Solo
Danielle Kain ’21, Vocal Solo
Akshay Patwardhan ’20, Vocal Solo
Kyle Sha ’23, Saxophone Solo
Austin Stoddard ’23, Trombone Solo
Elena Thomas ’20, Vocal Solo
Kelly Zhuang ’21, Flute Solo
Jerry Zhang ’21, Piano Solo

3 (Satisfactory) Ratings

Claudia Cheng ’20, Piano Solo
Shibashis Mandal ’20, Piano Solo

The MICDS vocal music students are under the direction of Dana Self. Instrumental music students are under the direction of Becky Long and Joshua Baumgartner. Strings students are under the direction of David Doherty and Erin Hamill. The students were accompanied by Nick Bideler.

Bravo to all of our vocal and instrumental students and faculty!