29 Seniors Selected for Membership to the Cum Laude Society

Founded in 1906, the Cum Laude Society is dedicated to honoring scholastic achievement in secondary schools. The founders of the society modeled Cum Laude after Phi Beta Kappa and in the years since its founding, Cum Laude has grown to 382 chapters.

The motto of the Society is Areté, Diké, Timé – Excellence, Justice, Honor. Areté includes the concept of excellence in the moral sense and is not limited to the ideal of superiority and scholarship, nor does it involve the endeavor of competing primarily for academic goals. Diké includes the concept of what is suitable and appropriate, as well as just. Timé includes the concept of dignity and truth, as well as honor.

The MICDS Chapter of the Cum Laude Society is comprised of 20% of the senior class, each inductee being required to have completed three or more Advanced Placement courses, and be free of disciplinary infractions. As part of the induction process, all the candidates wrote an essay on one of the following three topics:

  • Describe an experience that has made you excited about continuing to learn. Illustrate the joys and rewards of mental effort;
  • Describe how you have been challenged to stand for what is good and right, for what is just and honorable;
  • Explain what it means to you to lead a life of purpose and service.

The following members of the Class of 2020 were selected for membership into the MICDS Chapter of the Cum Laude Society:

Nischal Ada ’20
Ryan Ahn ’20
Megana Atluri ’20
Trisha Bhattacharyya ’20
Jessica Brooks ’20
Meaghan Cannon ’20
Caroline Carr ’20
Tanay Chandak ’20
Nicholas Clifford ’20
Cecilia Cohen ’20
Joe Condie ’20
Joseph Coolidge ’20
John Curylo ’20
Mia Duchars ’20
Asha Dundoo ’20
Lauren Goldberg ’20
Meredith Goldberg ’20
Erin Halligan ’20
Benjamin Hollander-Bodie ’20
Alex Migala ’20
Palmer Mihalevich ’20
Schuyler Miller ’20
Chase Nwamu ’20
Henry Posega Rappleye ’20
Barbara Dreyer Rentz Ribeiro ’20
Jude Sorkin ’20
Lisa Speegle ’20
Grace Vogel ’20
Jenna Zhao ’20

Congratulations to the newest members of the Cum Laude Society!

Written by Dana Self