2nd Graders Become St. Louis Tourism Experts

Second graders became experts on St. Louis area tourist attractions for a special project that marked the culmination of a unit of study on St. Louis as well as a fitting conclusion to their year-long focus on the concept of community. This week, they hosted an open house for Lower School students and parents to share their creative ideas for activities that would be informative and entertaining for someone visiting St. Louis.

To introduce the St. Louis project, students took a “Trolley Tour” field trip to see all of the places they were learning about in their research. Students then worked in groups to research their favorite landmarks in the area and chose one landmark on which to present. Collectively, 2nd graders created a tour of St. Louis that includes The Jewel Box, The Boathouse, Crown Candy Kitchen, The Basilica, Powell Hall, Busch Stadium, Tilles Park and The City Museum.