2nd grade symphony

2nd Graders Experience “Beethoven’s New Groove” at Symphony

Second graders were delighted to venture to Powell Hall this week to attend a concert by the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra. The concert was called Beethoven’s New Groove and featured pieces that used a variety of meters (patterns of two, three, four and five). Students were invited to pat, clap and snap along with the different patterns as the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra played.

“Our young Beasley musicians were enthralled with the concert. It was exciting for students to see the instruments of the orchestra with each instrument family dressed in a different color shirt, and hear the variety of timbres produced,” said Barb Spieler, Lower School Music Specialist. “Crowd favorites included In The Hall of the Mountain King and The William Tell Overture. We even got to hear pieces by Bach and Beethoven that were updated with the percussion section playing rock, Latin and samba accompaniments.”

What a fun day of exposing the Beasley students to the beauty of Powell Hall and hearing the live educational concert!