Second Graders Get Creative Writing Original Short Stories

During the weeks leading up to winter break, 2nd graders worked through their fiction narrative writing unit. They learned that fiction narratives are made-up stories with made-up characters and started studying the many pieces that would help them write their own fictional story.

“Students worked on adding descriptive details to help their readers visualize their stories,” said 2nd Grade Teacher Ms. Maggie Kraushaar. “They learned how to develop the characters and setting, and create a problem and solution in their story.”

Once the students had learned how to craft their stories, they were given a setting and a theme to work with: the St. Louis Aquarium and robots!

Executive Assistant to the Head of School Lisa Gil Diaz, who had observed the students working on their stories, decided to help bring the student’s stories to life by providing hardcover books with blank pages. Several students used the books to write their stories, adding illustrations to further enhance their creative vision.

At the end of the week, the students presented their creative writing stories to the rest of the class.

Enjoy a sample of one of the 2nd graders stories below, entitled Barbara’s Mission by Caroline P. ’31.

Barbara’s Mission by Caroline P. ’31

Hi! I am robot Barbara. I am going to tell you a story. One day I was just driving to the St. Louis Aquarium. I was driving with my hamster in my favorite t-shirt. When I got to the St. Louis Aquarium I was the first one to get there. So I unlocked the doors and I turned on the lights. I changed into my uniform at the aquarium lock room. Then I fed my hamster Daisy. But then I forgot to properly lock the cage! Daisy gets out and takes my shirt from my locker. She carries it in her mouth. When I went back into the locker room to refill Daisy’s water bowl and I notice my shirt and Daisy were missing. I look in the shavings. I run out of the locker room. Looked in the shark exhibit and I realized that she is not there. I searched in the mirror maze and I found Daisy then I found the t-shirt on a stingray. I got the shirt and gave the stingray a treat so then I got Daisy and went home. The next morning in her cage I saw babies! And they grew up fast and we lived happily ever after. The End.