4th and 5th Graders reading and reviewing various books in the library

4th and 5th Graders Attend Book Tasting Parties

This week, 4th graders had a surprise “book tasting” party in Ms. Waters’ classroom.

« We set up the room to look like a cafe, only instead of sampling food, we sampled books. There were five different tables/ genres: fiction, fantasy, mystery, adventure and historical fiction. The kids filled out « menus » as they tasted their books and wrote down titles they wanted to remember, » said Ms. Waters. « At the end, we had some hot chocolate and cookies and everyone had a new book to read! »

And in the Middle School, 5th graders visited the Messing Library for a “book tasting” party of their own, where Ms. Matheny was dressed as a chef and led a discussion about ways to choose a good book. Much like the 4th grade tasting, students were able to sample different genres and authors, and afterward, they spent time reading their selections.