4th Grade at Busch Stadium

4th Graders Head to Class at Busch Stadium

The 4th Grade Class of 2024 enjoyed taking classes at Busch Stadium as participants in the St. Louis Cardinals’ CAP academic program. CAP integrates the game of baseball with school curriculum and provides hands-on activities in various locations at Busch Stadium. MICDS students participated in three classes: Cap-tastic Character, Numbers Game and Point of View (language arts). They also enjoyed a tour of the stadium, highlighted by a stop in the visitors’ dugout and a meeting with Fredbird.

“This was a capstone experience for the 4th grade,” said Homeroom Teacher Donna Waters. “We always talk about character as the 4th graders make up the Leadership Crew in the Lower School. We also wanted our students to see how what they learn in school is applicable in everyday life. It was fun for everyone.”