Inventions from the Fourth Grade Invention Convention

4th Graders Host Invention Convention

The 4th graders have been busy with lots of creative juices flowing. Late last week, student scientists and engineers showcased their latest inventions in an “Invention Convention,” which was the culmination of their hard work in the science lab. Their end-products displayed proudly in the Beasley cafeteria and hallways, and some of the most interesting included a “Salt Shooter,” an “Everything Charger” and “Shoe Sponges.”

“The invention unit is totally 4th grade driven from the ideas to the building of their prototype. This is a great introduction to the process of Design Thinking that they will use again in Middle School and Upper School,” said Lower School Science Teacher Christy Moore.

Some of the students also expressed that they enjoyed the unit. From getting to use power tools to solving problems and putting the display board together—it was a big hit start to finish.