4th Graders Hypothesize End Result of Rainbow Experiment

Although it wasn’t a pot of gold, 4th Graders in Mrs. Waters class were still surprised by what they discovered after creating a “rainbow” in class.

The students began by filling 4 cups with water colored with primary dyes. In between each filled cup was an empty cup, all connected by a trail of paper towels. The students hypothesized what the end result of the experiment would be. Similar to how water “climbs up” the roots of plants from the soil, the colored water in the cups climbed the paper towels and then dripped into the empty cups. The students continued with their studies as the water worked it’s magic. Eventually, the curious students came back to find that the colors had mixed and created a beautiful rainbow effect.

There weren’t any leprechauns or gold, but the students still felt lucky to have witnessed and learned from the experiment.