MICDS 5th Graders go skiing at Hidden Valley Ski Resort

5th Grade Goes Skiing at Hidden Valley

The 5th grade spent the last day of the second trimester on the slopes of Hidden Valley Ski Resort. The weather cooperated this time and the 5th graders enjoyed a beautiful sunny day of skiing. All students had to pass seven stations at Ski School, with Hidden Valley instructors helping our newest skiers learn to navigate the slopes. Once students had passed the required stations, they were off to the races, zooming all over the different runs. The ski trip was a great opportunity to learn another sport while creating a team building atmosphere that encourages different life skills. It was a day of camaraderie, laughter, encouragement, challenge and perseverance.

One student, Morgan Macam, said that the most important lesson she learned from the ski trip is that, “Even if you fall down, you should always get back up.” She loved the fact that all 5th graders have the opportunity to learn how to ski because it’s fun and it teaches them important life lessons. Another student, Katherine Rose Ellenhorn said, “Some people go really fast down the slopes, but it’s really important to help your friends out if they are new to skiing.” Both students declared that this was the best day of 5th grade so far this year.

More photos are available on Mrs. Mayer’s Shutterfly page.