Fifth Graders Aim for the Stars with Astronomy Projects

Fifth graders recently finished a unique project where they researched different astronomy topics and then presented their research through media that included music videos, TV commercials, models and more. The students then shared their projects with their class over Zoom sessions.

Projects included a rap song about nebulae, a movie trailer for Pluto, breaking news stories on Mars and galaxies, rocket models and a “Space Race” board game.

“I was blown away with the creativity and hard work that the students put into these projects,” said 5th Grade Science Teacher Branson Lawrence. “Their research provided tons of really interesting facts about a variety of astronomy topics, and their use of digital tools like WeVideo, GarageBand and iMovie–to name a few–showed just how talented and gifted our fifth graders are.”

Check out some of the student’s video and music projects below. Great work, astronomers!