5th Graders Learn From an Egyptologist

This past Monday, 5th Graders heard from a special guest in conjunction with their Egypt unit. Laura Munroe, an Egyptologist, came to speak to the students about various aspects of ancient Egypt with a focus on hieroglyphs.

Laura’s dissertation specifically focused on hieroglyphs, and she discussed common misconceptions about the ancient writings brought about by popular television shows such as “Ancient Aliens.” In the TV show, the hosts point to hieroglyphs that resemble helicopters and spaceships. Laura shared that many times, the ancient writings were plastered over by kings that wanted to erase or claim a previous leader’s accomplishments. As the plaster eroded away over time, hieroglyphs from below would meld with the ones etched on top and form these atypical characters resembling modern technology.

She also touched on a variety of other topics that related to the 5th graders’ research projects.

“The information she shared with the class was used to deepen their understanding of their research topics,” said 5th-grade teacher Robyn Williams. “Some of the topics included the Battle of Kadesh, Ramses II, temples, pyramids, Egyptian mythology, and a quick lesson on how to read hieroglyphs, and the challenges Egyptologists face when deciphering hieroglyphs.”

Fifth graders listened intently to Laura’s presentation, to no surprise… It’s not every day you get to hear from an Egyptologist!