Passion Projects Channel Creativity, Skills and Friendship

Sixth graders have been channeling their passions for their Passion Projects this week! What is a Passion Project? It’s a project-based learning challenge where students focus on one of the following themes:

  1. Design on a Dime
    With Design on a Dime, students selected one space at MICDS that they would like to redesign for a future and specific purpose. Through interviewing various members of the MICDS community, they brainstormed their own ideas and drew up plans to design the space. They worked with a budget constraint and utilized a new software to create “after” images. In the end, students came up with creative new designs for the Language Lab, Harris Reading Room, Faculty Lounge, Help Desk, various classrooms and other spaces around campus, many of which they transformed into student hangouts.
  2. Make a “How-to” Video
    For making “how-to” videos, students researched and planned their own instructional video. The purpose of their video was to teach someone about a particular subject, showcasing the specific steps of how to do something. Once the preparation was complete, they conducted a “video shoot” and created their film from start to finish, learning how to set up proper lighting, staging and props. They also tried their hand at video editing. Some of the videos talked about how to play badminton, the steps of hydro dipping and making ornaments.
  3. 3D Design Assistive Tech
    Through this project, students gained awareness, empathy and learned engineering and problem-solving skills while solving a real-life problem for individuals with disabilities. They used digital fabrication technology and engineering skills to create a functional aid that will make everyday life more accessible for individuals with physical disabilities. During their presentations, they demonstrated their tools in use and described the impact the tool will have. Some of their creations were autism sensory boards and braille signs.

Once the projects were completed, the 6th graders presented their redesigned spaces, how-to videos and accessibility tool innovations to their classmates and teachers. Gabe W. ’26 liked seeing what other people did. After presenting, he shared, “I really liked the passion projects. My favorite part was when we presented and saw different groups present.”

Sophia A. ’26 really liked what she learned by creating her how-to video on how to play badminton. “A highlight from my project was probably working on the video and adding the special effects.”

Sixth grader Sydney D. ’26 enjoyed working on the Passion Project with her friends. “My favorite part was that we got to work with other people, and it was really fun to work with our friends while we were making our video.” Sydney made a how-to video on how to make ornaments for any occasion.

Watch out! Soon enough, our 6th graders will be experts in room redesign, instructional videos and creating digitally-fabricated, assistive tools. We can’t wait to see what they share and create with passion next!