Seventh Graders Create Product Prototypes for Business Ventures

Before winter break, 7th Grade Math Teacher Dustin Delfin’s classes participated in a math business project. In phase one of the project, students spent a week designing and building a prototype of a product they want for their business company. “My students worked in the Middle School Makerspace applying their 21st-century skills (collaboration, creativity, communication and critical thinking) to this project,” shares Mr. Delfin.

To check out the innovative prototypes that 7th graders created, view this catalog which consolidates all of their product creations.

Phase two of the project is underway now in the new year. Using artificial bank accounts, students will buy and sell products to their peers as well as teachers. They will glean the data from this process to determine whether or not they can run a successful business, applying math skills to this real-life scenario. Perhaps we will all be buying one of their products one day!