A Calculating Middle School MATHCOUNTS Competition

This past weekend, 10 members from the Math Team participated in the MATHCOUNTS competition. Below are the names of the students that spent most of last Saturday competing against a group of very talented Middle School math students.

  • Armaan Chandak ’24
  • Alex Mayer ’24
  • Abby Gray ’24
  • Becky Sennaraj ’24
  • Andrew Haas ’25
  • Adithi Srinivasan ’25
  • Ryan Jan ’25
  • Amisha Poojari ’25
  • Norah Wright ’25
  • Hannah Wang ’26

The kids did a great job and had a wonderful time competing. “If you see any of these students, ask them about the ‘countdown round,'” shares Middle School Math Teacher Chaley Poth. “It’s a Jeopardy!-style round that only involves the winners and was one of the most shocking displays of math plus speed that I have ever seen.” To see these math wizards in action, Google “MATHCOUNTS countdown round” and see if you can keep up with these 11-14 year olds!

Way (zero, one) two go, MICDS Middle School Math Team!