9th and 10th graders perform 'She Kills Monsters'

A Full House at the Ninth and Tenth Grade Play

The ninth and tenth graders performed She Kills Monsters last Friday through Sunday, May 4th through May 6th in Price Theatre. With full houses for all three shows and incredible audiences, the weekend at the theatre was a big success! A round of applause goes to all of the students involved, including set designer and graduating senior Kaylie Carpenter.

When describing the play, Upper School Drama Teacher and Director of the Play, Patrick Huber, said “Think Stranger Things meets Jumanji.” The story was set in 1995 in the small town of Athens, Ohio. Agnes (Mimi Brown), a young high school English teacher, loses her family including her little sister Tilly (Athena Tharenos) in a car accident. While packing up her sister’s belongings, she finds a binder full of strange writings that turn out to be a « Dungeons and Dragons » module that Tilly wrote and left behind. With the help of a high school game geek named Chuck (Charles Huber), she plays out the game where she interacts with Tilly (now « Tillius the Paladin ») and her party (Hope Pohlman, Dilyn Halverson and Max Novak) and learns about her sister and about herself. Nick Clifford, Mereya Riopedre, Hayden Benbenek, Hollis Summers and Morgan Shaeffer rounded out the ensemble.

It was an engaging show for all involved. Patrick shared, “The cast and crew had the wonderful experience of taking a risk and having it pay off by telling a story that touched a lot of hearts.”