A Grand Night for the Upper School Band

The Upper School Concert Band performed its spring concert, “A Thriller Night,” in Orthwein Theatre on April 15. The program included well-known pieces such as “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band (Medley),” “Star Trek Into Darkness,” “Thriller,””Legends of Jazz,” and “Up From the Earth’s Center.” Solo performances featured Foster Thompson ’15 on tuba, Rohit Srivastava ’15 on violin, and Rabia Shinawi ’15 on marimba. Binzuan Zhang ’18, Lucy Cadanau ’18 and Shae Daney ’17 performed as a flute trio.

Senior band members also received special recognition:
Chilembwe Asante, Max Bernstein, Peter Brown, Mary Carnal, Tom Carpenter, Meryl Fiore, Christian Hain, Henry Hebner, Maya Howard, Jonathan Lin, Jonathan Matz, Andrew Militello, Achint Rai, Rohit Reddy, William Schoenecker, Rabia Shinawi, Rohit Srivastava and Foster Thompson.

Congratulations to our talented musicians and conductors Charlie Rose and Scott Shaw on a fine performance!