Alexandra Quiroga ’18 Honored for Philanthropic Efforts

MICDS seventh grader Alexandra Quiroga ’18 has understood the importance of philanthropy, of giving back to one’s community, since she was eight years old. Motivated by her love of animals, Alexandra made the decision to request enrichment items for animals at the Saint Louis Zoo in lieu of gifts at her eighth birthday party. Since then, it has become a tradition for Alexandra to gather gifts for the animals every year on her birthday. In addition, she works with her mother, Catherine, and sister, Isabel ’22, to make homemade jams and give the proceeds from sales to the Zoo.

In recognition of her efforts, Alexandra was profiled in the Saint Louis Zoo’s “Promising News” Fall 2012 newsletter as the youngest member – ever – of the Zoo’s Marlin Perkins Society. Her grandfather, Lou Goldring ’58, and parents, Maurice and Catherine, are also members of the Society. “I believe that giving is important because it makes you feel really good inside to do something to change a person or an animal’s life,” Alexandra says of her commitment to philanthropy. “It may not have been much but you still made a difference in some way. Animals do not have a voice so we need to help them by giving them some of the things they need.”

During the summer months, Alexandra organizes lemonade sales and cashes in recyclable materials to donate to the Little Travers Bay Humane Society in Michigan, where her family vacations. It is not surprising that Alexandra aspires to be a veterinarian and own a Humane Society when she grows up.

The Zoo’s profile article, titled “Giving Feels Good at Any Age,” states, “We are extremely grateful to Maurice and Catherine for raising such a kind-hearted young lady, but most of all, to Alexandra for showing that anyone can give, regardless of age.

Congratulations to Alexandra for her many efforts to live a life of purpose and service, and for demonstrating her commitment to changing lives and changing the world.