All-school assembly honors faculty and staff

All-School Assembly Honors Faculty and Staff

The final all-school assembly of the 2016-2017 school year took place on April 24 in McDonnell Athletic Center. Students expressed their appreciation for faculty and staff through creative videos, and the School honored those individuals celebrating milestone employment anniversaries of 25, 20, 15 and 10 years. Twelfth graders also presented the Rivinus Award to Dr. Katrina Brandis (Science) and eighth graders honored Lev Guter (Math) with the Duncan Award.

Congratulations to everyone!

25 Year Anniversaries
Carolyn Hood (US Drama)
Aronda Reeves (Business Office)
Greg Stevens (Lower School CIT)

20 Year Anniversaries
Mike Fitzgerald (MS History)
Jane Fredman (MS Math)
Debbie Higgins (Marketing & Communications)

15 Year Anniversaries
Rene Ashman (US World Languages)
Candice Baumann (MS English)
Michael Black (US Science)
Lawanda Bowman (Housekeeping)
Bill Campbell (Maintenance)
Susan Good (US English)
Louise Jones (Alumni & Development)
Rachael Maurer (MS P.E.)
Christine Mayer (5th Grade Dean, MS World Languages)
Nicole Trueman-Shaw (Class of 2020 Dean, US English)

10 Year Anniversaries
Laura Bradford (US Science)
Kelly Hummel (SK Homeroom Teacher)
Iseta Jasikovic (Housekeeping)
Julie Johnson (MS English)
Allison Light (Alumni & Development)
Lisa Lyle (Head of School)
Nick Menneke (MS P.E.)
David Sanders (US World Languages)
Joe Summers (Maintenance)
Tex Tourais (US English)
Jayme Zimmer (MS Art)