Annual Faculty Awards Ceremony Honors Excellence in Teaching

The annual Faculty Awards Ceremony celebrates the outstanding work and tireless dedication of all MICDS faculty who as individuals who inspire their students to become their very best selves. Head of School Lisa Lyle welcomed faculty, staff and guests, stating that educators approach their work with a firm belief in the transformative potential of learning. To the faculty, she said, “In the learning spaces you create, everything is possible.”

Because of the generosity of alumni and friends who value their experiences at Mary Institute, St. Louis Country Day School and MICDS, the School is able to present summer sabbaticals, fellowships, merit awards and Chairs of Distinguished Teaching every spring. Congratulations to the 2015 honorees!


Summer Sabbaticals and Fellowships

Wilma & Roswell Messing Jr. ’34 Summer Sabbatical
Chris Brennan (4th Grade Homeroom Teacher)

Edward M. Rivinus Summer Sabbatical
Kathleen Armstrong (MS English) and Cindy Bender (3rd Grade Homeroom Teacher)

Thomas Family Fellowship
Mark Duvall (US History)

Carol B. ’59 and Jerome T. Loeb ’58 Fund for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics
JK-12 Mathematics Department

Merit Awards
Mary Institute Class of 1940 Annual Faculty Award
Callie Bambenek (MS Science)

Mary Institute Class of 1957 Faculty Development Fund
Kate Hanes (US Science)

Country Day School Class of 1958 “Extra Effort” Award
Summer Beasley (MS P.E.)
Ally Bergman (MS Math)
Brian Coco (US Science)
Tanya Roth (US History)

Dorothy Wray Roberts ’17 Faculty Merit Award
Sara Levine (3rd Grade Homeroom Teacher)

Sears Foundation Faculty Merit Award
Matthew Mahaffey (US English)
Ashley O’Toole (LS Counselor)

Michael S. Gerrard Award
Robyn Williams (MS History)


Chairs of Distinguished Teaching

Ronald S. Beasley Chair of Distinguished Teaching and Learning
Dr. Jeff Gaw (US Science)

Albert G. Blanke ’28 Chair of Distinguished Teaching
Becky Lorey (US Math)

Class of 1968 Chair of Distinguished Teaching
Matt Buha (MS P.E. and Assistant Director of Athletic Development)

Eugene A. Hecker Chair of Distinguished Teaching
Matt Hixenbaugh (US History)

Ronald A. Holtman Chair of Distinguished Teaching and Coaching
Andy Kay (MS English)

Robert P. Hughes Chair of Distinguished Teaching and Coaching
Lynn Mittler (US English Department Chair)

John R. Johnson Parents Association Chair of Distinguished Teaching
Brad Heinemann (US Fine & Performing Arts Department Chair)

John R. Johnson Jr. Parents Association Chair of Distinguished Teaching
Emily Coppersmith (MS Spanish)

Craig E. Jones Chair of Distinguished Teaching
Dr. Katrina Brandis (US Science)

John Allan Love Chair of Distinguished Teaching
Gabe Ashman (US History Department Chair)

Ethan A.H. Shepley ’41 Chair of Distinguished Teaching
Tex Tourais (US English)

Marjorie Weisenburger ’32 Chair of Distinguished Teaching
Charlotte Dougherty (MS Drama)