Full group of winners on Prize Day

Annual Upper School Prize Day Celebrates Academic Growth and Leadership

On May 2, Upper School students, special guests, parents and faculty gathered together for the 2016 Prize Day Ceremony. This annual event is a celebration of academic growth and leadership, not only for the named honorees but all MICDS students recognizing their hard work and determination throughout the year. The event, said Head of Upper School Scott Small, is “a reminder to us all to continue to strive to be the best people we can be.”

Awards are given in four main categories, including The Glory of Missouri Awards, Department Grade Level Academic Awards, the College Book Awards, and Class Awards. Additional awards include The McKelvey Award for leadership in athletics, the Ryan D. Seed Leadership Award, the John E. Mackey Leadership Award, and the Spirit of Learning Award.

Glory of Missouri Awards
Caroline Abel – Hope
Kat Kosup – Justice
Joseph Maguire – Fraternity
Elizabeth Funkhouser – Virtue
Sean Smith – Temperance
Campbell Schafer – Equality
John Keeley – Charity
Alex Donovan – Education
Anne Cohen – Law
De’Ja Wood – Liberty
Michel Ge – Knowledge
Robert Sforza – Enterprise
Kayla Martin – Progress
Alexandra Walsh – Truth

Academic Department Awards

World Languages: Jacob Peistrup, Shannon Gould and Luke Layton
Mathematics: Katherine Zheng, Nicholas Jones and Philip Speegle
English: Reni Akande, Jacqueline Zoeller and Emma Klahr
Ryan Guilliams Creative Writing Award: Michel Ge
Fine & Performing Arts: Hope Abel, Lindsey Royce and Hope Keeley
History: Sonya Shafqat, Campbell Schafer and Ruth Coolidge
Science: Julia Amato, Ehan Kamat and Shane Isaak

College Book Awards
Brandeis University: Samantha Sansone
Brown University: Hope Keeley
Cornell University: De’Ja Wood
Dartmouth College: Alexander Curylo
Denison University: Emma Klahr
Harvard University: Caroline Hughes
Kenyon College: Noah Siegel
Princeton University: Nidhi Bhaskar
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Medal: Rohit Chouhan
Rhodes College: Kayla Martin
Smith College: Annabel Warren
St. Lawrence College: Skyler Halbeck
University of Pennsylvania: Michel Ge
University of Rochester (4 awards)

  • Frederick Douglas and Susan B. Anthony Award in
  • Humanities and Social Sciences: Jacob Platin
    Bausch & Lomb Honorary Science Award: Andrew Krause
  • Xerox Award for Innovation and Information Technology: Alexis MacAskill
  • George Eastman Young Leaders Award: Jacob Flom

Washington and Lee: Alexandra Walsh
Wellesley College: Anne Cohen
Yale University Aurelian Prize: Sarah Olsen
Yale University Book Award: Sanchita Sen

Ryan D. Seed Leadership Award: Oliver Reeb

Class Awards
R.S. Beasley Eleventh Grade Award: De’Ja Wood
J.E. Beasley Tenth Grade Award: Jacqueline Zoeller
Wilma Jean Messing Ninth Grade Award: Jeffrey Desloge

McKelvey Award for Leadership in Athletics: Avery Queller and Harry Wellford

John E. Mackey Leadership Award: De’Ja Wood

Spirit of Learning Award
9th Grade: Kelci Creath
10th Grade: Alexander Donovan
11th Grade: Andrew Krause