Architecture Students Design Poetry-Inspired Structures

Second-year architecture students recently designed some phenomenal, creative structures for their Poetry Project in their CAD/Rendering class with Upper School Fine & Performing Arts Teacher Patrick Huber. Students were tasked with selecting a poem and creating a series of sketches suggested by the imagery in the poem. From there, they imagined a client for whom the poem might be important to and dreamt up a structure inspired by the poem that they imagined the client had commissioned.

These drawings and renderings are the documentation for the structures the students imagined. Rather than printing these out and setting up a physical gallery, we hope you enjoy the digital gallery of their work below and in larger formatting here.


Mr. Huber adds, “When we realized we weren’t coming back to school after the break in the spring, the first-year architecture students moved immediately from drafting on paper and building models with illustration board to working exclusively in CAD. They worked hard and produced great projects, but we had rushed the fundamentals of CAD. This fall, with more time to plan, they started over from the beginning and became much more proficient with the software.”

Bonnie Sneider ’21 appreciated how the project helped her think differently. “I really loved this project because it allowed me to put poetry into action. I learned how to think about poetry in a completely new and practical way – in terms of buildings! As always, Mr. Huber supported us as we explored our own interpretation of the poem and added unique design elements to the structures we created on Vectorworks. Who would’ve thought that eight lines of a poem could drive the entire creation of a building!”

Junior Carson James ’22 liked seeing the work of fellow classmates while also noticing how his CAD skills improved. “I enjoyed this project because it was the first time we fully designed an entire building and seeing my classmate’s projects at the end was very neat. My skills in the architecture computer software improved during this project causing me to become more comfortable using Vectorworks.”

We can’t wait to see what our architecture students design next!