Around the World in One Afternoon at the MICDS International Expo

From Argentina to Zambia, 46 countries and regions were represented by school families at our biennial International Expo last week. The event, sponsored by the Upper School International Council and the MICDS Parents Association, kicked off with a “Parade of Nations” before a packed audience in Brauer Auditorium. Guests were then treated to a variety of lively performances including Chinese dances, Spanish-language and Russian folk songs, an Irish treble jig, a Dominican dance, a Carnatic vocal song, a Filipino love song and a Bollywood fusion dance.

After the show, guests readied their Expo passports and headed over to the McDonnell Gym for a trip around the world. Parent, student and faculty ambassadors showed off culture and tradition through tasty food samples, colorful clothing and gorgeous decorations. A mariachi band infused the space with sound, and interactive and educational displays entertained children and adults. Britain’s royal family (well, cardboard representations of them) made an appearance, and guests could try authentic vegemite at the Australia booth. Perogies from Poland and tea eggs from China, tamales from Mexico and poffertjes from the Netherlands…there was something for everyone.

Thank you to all who worked so hard to make the International Expo a success, including our Dining Services staff for serving up international spirit with themed lunches throughout the week before the Expo. We’re fortunate that we have such cultural diversity within our own community to promote and celebrate.

Click here to watch a KMOV segment that aired during the 5 p.m. news on Friday, February 1.