Athletics Puts a Spring in its Step as the Season Begins 

MICDS athletics are in high gear as the Spring season in now underway. The “Spring Fling,” a week-long campaign to help build excitement and attendance for MICDS contests, kicked off the season with theme days, raffle drawings, and a dedicated athletics assembly. “The idea for Spring Fling came from a lot of our peers,” says Mikaela Mikulec ’24. She and Ameer Hajji ’24 are the Student Council Athletics Committee Co-heads and have worked to build a robust culture of support for athletics in the Upper School. After two weeks of spring break and all of our spring teams kicking off their seasons, we felt like it was only right to generate some energy around our athletics,” he says. 

Establishing that foundation of support is important for the success of the School community and the athletic programs. “Hopefully events like these get everyone pumped up and wanting to come to games,” says Mikaela. Ameer agrees. “Supporting our teams as they kick off their seasons is key to generating the hype and passion that will hopefully carry on through deep playoff runs,” he says. 

Mikaela and Ameer hope the new tradition will continue to grow and foster even more support and enthusiasm. “I think people have been excited at the prospect of having something in the spring and also see the potential for it to become something bigger in the future,” says Mikaela. “For Spring Fling being a new tradition, we have gotten pretty positive feedback,” continues Ameer. “We are hoping it becomes a new tradition that occurs every year!” Mikaela has received similar feedback from students. “People have been wondering if we could mimic something like this for the winter season,” she says. “My hope is that Spring Fling and Paint it Pink can be grown in the next years to create a ‘homecoming’ for every season. 

Let’s Go Rams!