Beasley Musicians Take Care of Each Other

Lower School music students recently practiced their instrumental skills while learning a new song featuring an important lesson: how to take care of ourselves and each other during the pandemic. Students are focusing on their instrument and music-reading skills during this time with Lower School Music Teachers Barbara Spieler and Kathy Norvell providing lessons for both on-campus and distance learners via Zoom. Beasley students have individual music bags readily available for their use during music class. The bags contain movement props such as bean bags, scarves, and paper plates; instruments such as a maraca, rhythm sticks, and pool noodles that sound like sand blocks; and manipulatives used for reading and writing notation.

Spieler shared, “This lesson allows students to enjoy playing ostinati on instruments, while also encouraging healthy habits.” We hope you all enjoy the catchy toon as well!

Enjoy some photos from music class on campus.