Beasley Students Learn A Few Field Hockey Fundamentals

This week, the Varsity Field Hockey team invited Beasley students to a “Beasley on the Turf” day at the end of their practice, giving them the opportunity to do drills and exercises with Varsity athletes on the new Thomas Field.

Ranging from JK through 4th grade, the students took to the turf and followed the lead of their older classmates. Many of the Beasley students were excited to show off their skills to the older girls because they play field hockey during Extended Day or on weekends. Others loved simply running around and playing tag on a beautiful day.

“I always have so much fun with the Beasley students because of their love of playing and high energy. Doing this clinic always brings a smile to my face,” said Skyler Lesslie ’20.

“It was fun playing field hockey with them and I hope they will have the opportunity to grow up learning to love the sport like me,” added Reagan Calcari ’20.

“While they may not realize it, the younger students look up to them,” said Varsity Field Hockey Coach Lynn Mittler. “Getting a chance to get to know each other, play together and learn together is more meaningful than they realize.”

Parents happily watched the event unfold from the sidelines.

“When I look over to see my former players bringing their children to be coached in field hockey by my current players, it truly brings things full circle and reminds me that field hockey is about community, tradition and fun,” said Mittler.