Board of Visitors on Campus This Week

The MICDS Board of Visitors (BOV), a group of alumni dedicated to returning to their alma mater to tackle issues and provide feedback, was on campus this week. The MICDS International Board of Visitors was founded in 1998 with Senator Jack Danforth ’54 serving as inaugural Chair. The Board’s purpose is to educate its members about the strengths, advantages and values of the Mission, programs and future plans of MICDS so that they can offer counsel to the Head of School and support the work of the School. These committed and talented alumni review an in-depth packet of materials before traveling to St. Louis at their own expense to participate.

Past topics for the Board of Visitors have included Balancing the Humanities and STEM for Lives of Purpose, Preparing Students for College and for Life, Entrepreneurship, Core Competencies of an MICDS student, Diversity, Parent Partnerships and the MICDS Strategic Plan. This year, the BOV topic was “What is MICDS’ value proposition of being a JK – 12 school?” This vital question involves how we can leverage and amplify our School’s promise, program, identity, history, and energy as the only non-sectarian school in Saint Louis.

BOV members had opportunities to talk directly with students, observe classes and debate topics openly with each other. They also heard from Head of School Jay Rainey, other administrators and teachers.

One of the BOV members, Anthony Chivetta ’08, was our Harbison Lecturer on Friday afternoon.

The BOV concluded their session by offering formal recommendations to Assistant Head of School Brian Thomas on Friday afternoon, who will, in turn, present these findings to the Board of Trustees.

This year marked the 21st anniversary of the MICDS Board of Visitors program. Look for a full report and Inside MICDS blog about the BOV’s visit soon.