Board of Visitors 2018-19

Board of Visitors Spends Time on Campus

Last week was an enlightening one for the MICDS Board of Visitors (BOV), a group of alumni who come from across the country to convene, learn more about the School’s current challenges and opportunities and provide guidance to the School on a specific theme.

This year, the BOV gathered on October 18-19 to consider the topic: “Connecting the Ethical and Intellectual in the MICDS Mission: 20 Years Later.” Members offered their input and expertise in evaluating the efficacy of the MICDS Mission Statement in guiding students in both their ethical and intellectual development, and offered suggestions on how to keep the School’s Mission urgent and evergreen.

The meeting included substantial interactions with students and faculty in every division through lunchtime conversations, “fishbowl” discussions and classroom observations in the Lower, Middle and Upper Schools. During their observation of Upper School History Teacher Marshall McCurties’ classroom, for example, they were able to chime in during a discussion of the history of MI, CDS and MICDS. The students thought it was nice to have so many primary sources in one room.

The BOV concluded their session by offering formal recommendations to Head of School Lisa Lyle and Assistant Head of School Brian Thomas on Friday afternoon, who will in turn present these findings to the Board of Trustees.

This year marked the twentieth anniversary of the MICDS Board of Visitors program. Look for a full report and “Inside MICDS” blog about the BOV’s visit soon.