Book Fair Doubles Success!

Last week, the Parents Association hosted a book fair in the MAC Atrium during conferences.

“Our Libraries’ collections are excellent, but it is also vitally important for student achievement and success that our students have access to at least 500 books at home,” said Middle School Librarian Laura Matheny.

As students and parents shopped, not only did they find books for themselves, but generous students and parents happily fulfilled the teachers’ wish lists while shopping for books of their own.

“We are thrilled that, during this year’s book fair, we more than doubled our profits from last year, raising $4,834 and giving us the ability to purchase approximately 75 books for the library,” Matheny shared.

We are excited to work with the Parents Association next year to host another spectacular book fair to benefit both student achievement and the library. Many thanks to Julie Ponciroli and Mary Gira for their herculean efforts.