Upper School Library

Transitioning to Upper School with BOOM

Our newest Upper Schoolers in 9th grade are transitioning to MICDS with a mini-course called BOOM (Brain Owner’s Operating Manual). The course introduces them to the essential habits of mind and tools and skills necessary to be a successful Upper School learner. In BOOM, students will learn strategies for developing healthy learning habits, managing stress, organizing information and conducting effective research. Upper School Librarian and BOOM Instructor, Colleen Williamson, shares, “Their time in BOOM gives them the opportunity to stop and think about which habits are valuable and which might be harmful to their learning.”

This week in BOOM, 9th graders reviewed the concept of neuroplasticity through a Library Scavenger Hunt. They talked about plasticity as a powerful concept in learning; if they are mindful, they have the power to develop habits that eventually (literally!) shape their brains.

For the second half of class, they invited senior leaders in to answer any questions the 9th graders had about Upper School life. The freshmen had many questions about lunch, the hearth room, dress code and managing time and stress.
What a way start off Upper School and introduce our theme of well-being with a bang!