Building Solutions & Bonding at Camp Wyman

MICDS seventh graders recently embarked on a two-day-one-night, technology-free adventure at Camp Wyman. Students gathered as a community to embrace time away from school, problem-solve, and bond on high ropes courses, tree climbs, and other team-building activities.

To encourage teamwork and perseverance and forge new bonds with classmates, the Class of 2028 got to work. The activities focused on fostering relationships, team building, and, most importantly, having fun. Students learned “Crate Climbing,” an exercise where the group stacks plastic crates with a climber safely roped at the top while, at the same time, not letting the incredibly tall stack of crates topple. They also participated in tree climbing, an activity where students are safely tethered into climbing gear and pull themselves up into the treetops.

Camp Wyman was a wonderful way for teachers to connect with each and every seventh grader, even those they don’t have in class. Middle School History Teacher Blake Whitney shared, “Camp was a great opportunity for me to get to know my students outside of the classroom. All of the activities we participated in allowed my students to put themselves out there and for me as a teacher to get to know them more individually. Camp also provided a great opportunity for me to get to know the students I don’t have in class but see in the hallways. After the completion of Camp, I now feel like I can truly say I know every 7th grader here at MICDS.”

Students also enjoyed building community with one another, their teachers, and bonding over the many activities. Ruhani Kaur ‘28 enjoyed the team-building exercises. “It gave me the opportunity to work with other people that I haven’t talked to yet. We were relying on one another to solve a problem, and I could see that there were a lot of new friendships forming. I talked to some people that I haven’t since the new school year, and I really enjoyed it.”

Beyond the trees, students enjoyed target sports with slingshots, archery, and axe throwing and worked on other problem-solving skills through trust falls, team carries, rope swinging, and slacklining. The students had to employ skills such as leadership and communication to complete the task before them and often with classmates outside of their regular circle. Throughout the activities, students achieved several individual and group goals by forging through their discomfort or anxieties to find solutions.

Johanna Orwick ’28 appreciated the experience. She said, “The activities we did were challenging but really fun! I’m really proud of getting to the top of the rock wall.”

Ryan Moore ’28 shared notes about a personal accomplishment. “Camp Wyman was a great team-building experience,” he said. “The most challenging thing was thinking through the tough problems and finding a solution as a team. I am the proudest of getting to the top of the tree climbing exercise before everyone else, even when they got a 10-minute head start. The most memorable part was having fun with my friends.”

The seventh graders and their faculty chaperones enjoyed dinner, a campfire and s’mores, and the evening musical entertainment from Kunama Mtendaji’s drumbeat grooves.

Lydia Brown ’28 loved attending Camp Wyman and enjoyed learning new things about her classmates. “I think that enjoying your time and making the most out of camp is the best part because you can really see who you are and not worry about school and just enjoy where you are and what you are doing,” she said.

Way to go, Class of 2028, on supporting each other and strengthening your relationships in the spirit of collaboration!