Business Journal’s Top „30 Under 30“ List Includes Two Alumni

The St. Louis Business Journal has published 2015 list of the „Top 30 Under 30“ young business executives. Two MICDS alumni, Samir Malik ’04 and Justin Rand ’05, are among the honorees. Congratulations Samir and Justin. See below for their stories.

Samir Malik ’04

CEO, Zipcare Transportation; Director of Strategic Planning, Centerpointe Hospital

I’ve been privileged to spend the past five years surrounded by leaders and co-workers that have been inspired to change the way health care works in this country. I’ve been afforded the opportunity to take some risks and build ventures that others have entrusted me with. In that time, we’ve been able to grow CenterPointe into multiple new markets across the country including adding 13 new programs and $10 million in new revenue to the organization. I’ve also had a tremendous partner helping me start up ZipCare Transportation which we’ve taken to $2.5 million in revenue, growing by 40 percent annually, in just four years.

Where did you go to high school? MICDS.

College? University of Pennsylvania – The Wharton School; B.A. in neuroscience, B.S. in management, MBA in health care management



Where do you see yourself in 10 years? Close to my family, friends and kids.

How have you grown personally in your current position? It turns out that most people that we have hired in the past five years have been passionate and effective. Growing into a manager that helps elicit that excitement and performance has been a continuous opportunity for personal development for me.

What is the one thing you hope to accomplish in your career? A reputation of invariably doing the right thing by my partners, customers, employees and stakeholders.

What is your most rewarding volunteer experience? In 2008, I had the opportunity to participate in an interfaith reconstruction effort in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. In addition to the very earnest impact seeing such destruction can have, the experience of learning of shared values between other faith members made the trip uniquely rewarding.

What is one thing your co-workers may not know about you? Just because I send an email at some unholy hour does not mean someone has to respond in kind.


Justin Rand ’05

General Manager, CINTAS Corporation

I am an energetic leader who thrives on personal interaction and team-driven execution. I believe strongly in hard work and a disciplined approach to business, but more important than anything, I hold family first. In my six years with Cintas, I have led teams in five geographic markets — I have been fortunate to learn from and work with extremely talented people. My biggest accomplishment recognizes the hard work of my teams. I am the youngest general manager to lead two different organizations to the Cintas Outstanding Achievement Award, our corporation’s top operational honor, which recognizes superior financial and operational performance in a fiscal year at the uniform maker/service provider. Under my leadership, we grew revenue organically by double-digits and improved shareholder value with over 45 percent earnings growth on consolidated $14 million in business.
Where did you go to high school? Mary Institute & St. Louis Country Day School.

College? Miami University, B.S. in business; University of Michigan, MBA.
Justin Rand Enlarge
Dilip Vishwanat
Justin Rand
Where do you see yourself in 10 years? I strive to be a great father and husband. Professionally, I want to be in an executive leadership role for organizations that continue to have a positive impact on the St. Louis community.

What is the one thing you hope to accomplish in your career? My career objective is to become a respected executive that can be trusted to deliver ethical, sustainable and strategic growth and development. I will continue to lead with positive change to enhance the future of our organization, our industry, our customers and our community.

What is your most rewarding volunteer experience? The St. Louis Fire Department Lifesaving Foundation has presented the most rewarding volunteer experience. I started with this organization as a volunteer, working on projects related to the acquisition of lifesaving equipment, not supported by the city of St. Louis Fire Department fiscal budget. Over the last five years, I was elected to the board of directors and most recently vice president. Since its inception, our organization has raised over $2 million in funds to provide tech, equipment and education to firefighters, paramedics and EMTs.