C.H.A.M.P.S. Athletes of the Week for Dec. 17 and Jan. 7

Congratulations to the following student athletes who were honored as C.H.A.M.P.S. Athletes of the Week for December 17 and January 7:
December 17
Cheerleading – Libby Hunt ’16
Girls’ Basketball – Emily Kyman ’14
Ice Hockey – Matt Myer ’14
Boys’ Basketball – Mitch Militello ’13
Dance – Lubna Abedin ’14
Girls’ Swimming – Lily Reisinger ’14
Boys’ Squash – Connor Gallagher ’16 and Tyler Raclin ’16
Girls’ Squash – Merrill Hermann ’13 and Abby Schroeder ’16

January 7

Ice Hockey – DJ Herr ’14 and Peter Condie ’14
Dance – Anisha Zaman ’13 and Lara Fox ’14
Girls’ Basketball – Rachel Thompson ’16 and Cameron Jackson ’13
Boys’ Basketball – Charlie Frank ’14 and Brian Trelstad ’14
Girls’ Swimming – Megan Malloy ’15 and Trey Ross ’13
Cheerleading – Madi Cupp-Enyard ’16 and Amanda Ramage ’15
The C.H.A.M.P.S. athletes of the week are:
  • Nominated by the head coach of their program.
  • Embody the facets of the MICDS Athletic Covenant – Class, Honor, Attitude, Mental Toughness, Passion, and Selflessness
  • Recognized for effort, attitude and contribution to the team.
  • Exemplary in the areas of being a good teammate, accepting and playing out a role for the benefit of the team and working to make the team better.
  • Athletes who help to make the total experience better for everyone in that particular program.
  • Individuals who respect the sport and who realize that the process of achieving is as significant as the achievement itself.