Chinese Exchange Students Visit and Learn at MICDS

Fifteen Chinese exchange students from our sister school, the Shanghai Foreign Language School, visited MICDS this week. The students were paired with buddies in the Upper School so that they could get the full experience of student life at MICDS and also get to know the community better.

One class in particular where the students were able to interact with Upper Schoolers was during Mandarin with Ms. Lily Childs. The exchange students joined with Upper Schoolers to make moon cakes in a belated celebration of the Chinese Mid-Autumn Celebration. The cookies were stuffed with either an Oreo filling or Taro, a root vegetable traditionally used for moon cakes.

The students were also given the opportunity to explore St. Louis on a field trip around town. The students visited St. Louis favorites such as the Arch, City Museum and Kiener Plaza. The field trip ended at Mastermind Escape Room, where students worked together to solve puzzles to escape their room.

Finally, the students will experience the MICDS Homecoming festivities before returning to China on Monday.