Chinese Language Students Enjoy an Immersive Field Trip

Upper and Middle School Chinese language students got to experience a taste of Chinese culture on their field trip this Tuesday.

The students began at Lulu’s Chinese Restaurant on Olive for a lunch of Chinese-American food. They feasted on potstickers, crab rangoons, egg rolls, sesame chicken and some Chinese sweet treats before sharing their fortunes with each another.

From there, students made a quick stop at an Asian seafood market down the street. Students got to experience a live fish market as well as browse the aisles and see the unique candy and snacks not common in American grocery stores.

Lastly, students visited the St. Louis Language Immersion School located downtown. Students split into groups and dropped in on different grade levels from kindergarten up. The Language Immersion students sang for their MICDS visitors, and afterward, students from both schools worked together to complete an assignment entirely in Chinese.

It was a fun and immersive day for MICDS Chinese language students and one they won’t soon forget!