Chinese Lunar New Year Celebrations Schoolwide

Gong Xi Fa Cai! Gung Hey Fat Choy! The MICDS community celebrated the Chinese Lunar New Year with several fun events and activities. Happy #YearOfThePig!

The first graders held a dragon parade through Beasley as students, teachers and parents clapped and cheered. They had created the banner with Chinese characters and drawings the week before.

Meanwhile in the Middle School, students made a paper cutting of a Chinese character 春,which means Spring, since Chinese New Year is also called Spring Festival.

The Upper School International Council hosted a Chinese New Year Party in Blanke Room. Students shared food, practiced writing Chinese symbols, competed in races testing their chopstick skills and viewed various cultural items on display.

The Parents Association Passport Series held their annual Lunar New Year celebration with food, friends and fun. Many of our East Asian families graciously brought in cultural dishes and delicacies, and a scrumptious feast was shared by all. The event also featured stories and photos of MICDS families engaged in Asian activities and travel, artistic displays, a master demonstrating Chinese caligraphy, and a traditional dance performance.