Middle and Upper Schoolers Celebrate Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival

This week, 8th Grade students taking Chinese visited the Upper Schoolers to celebrate the Mid-autumn festival. The classes did some experimenting in the kitchen joined by some of their parents as they made “moon cakes,” a traditional dessert served during the festivities. Ninth grader Nadine Mudd ’22 shared, “It’s great that we can celebrate a Chinese holiday here.” She and her peers embraced the opportunity to experience such a wonderful cultural tradition tied to their Mandarin 400 class.

After making the moon cakes, students video chatted with a local bakery chef to talk about some of the traditional Chinese food items found at his bakery. During their visit, the students also learned how Macha tea is made. It was a great opportunity for students to practice their conversational skills, as the question and answer session was conducted completely in Mandaran.