Class of 2022 College Celebration Day

On the last regular school day for MICDS seniors, students enjoyed celebrating and sharing their college selections as well as food, fun, a visit from Duo Dogs, and the traditional passing of the class flag to the junior Student Council (STUCO) leaders.

Decked out in their college t-shirts and hoodies, students participated in “Anything But a Backpack” day by carrying their laptops, books, and other sundry backpack items in non-traditional carrying devices. Students toted their backpack contents in snow sleds, egg cartons, pet carriers, traditional Japanese rice grinders, on an end table, and more. Students also enjoyed a buffet of delicious breakfast, lunch, and snack items all day in the lobby of the Steward Aquatic Center. They posed for photos and selfies on the 2022 “stage” while waving their college pennants and playing games outside the pool area.

The capstone activity was the traditional senior walkthrough of all divisions on campus with every grade level of students out of their classrooms cheering them on. At the end of the journey, the senior STUCO leaders pass the class flag to the junior class to carry on the tradition.

What a festive way to celebrate our seniors’ college decisions as their time at MICDS draws to a close before they start their next adventures. In the coming weeks, we will publish a list of colleges our Rams will be attending in the fall. Congratulations, Class of 2022!