Coach Ruth Rainey’s Running Start with the MICDS Community

By now, you’ve probably heard quite a bit about our new Head of School Jay Rainey, but did you know that his wife Ruth has also jumped into the MICDS community with a whole heart and arms wide open? Mrs. Rainey has not just stepped into becoming part of our School; she has run right toward it, among it and, most importantly, alongside students.

Besides being the Head of School’s wife, Mrs. Rainey is known by over 20 MICDS girls as having another title: Coach Rainey. Since the start of the school year, she has gotten involved with the Lower and Middle School Girls on the Run program, a 10-week season that teaches 3rd through 6th grade girls about important life skills while also training them to ultimately run a 5K. In just the first few weeks of the season, whenever her schedule allows, Coach Rainey has engaged with students at Girls on the Run by serving as a mentor, facilitating discussion and jogging alongside them. She’s even led an entire Girls on the Run practice that focused on the true meaning of beauty.

And she is more than qualified. Mrs. Rainey has an M.Ed. in School Counseling and worked as a public high school counselor in Virginia and Illinois. “I was energized every day helping adolescents overcome obstacles to their learning and reach their potential in high school and beyond,” she shares. In this role, her responsibilities ranged from registering new students and addressing personal and social concerns to completing four-year academic planning and supporting individual post-secondary planning. Additionally, Mrs. Rainey worked as a college counselor and first grade teacher’s aid at two different independent schools.

As a Girls on the Run Coach, it’s clear that Mrs. Rainey shines with children while appreciating the wellness conversations and activities that are part of each meeting. Fellow Coach Leanne Rohr expressed, “The girls really look up to Coach Rainey. The skills she demonstrates to help focus, motivate and challenge the girls are ever apparent in that she will forever have “student supporter” running through her veins!”

The Girls on the Run teammates echo their appreciation of Coach Rainey:

“I like having her because it’s cool to have the Head of School’s wife as one of the coaches of Girls on the Run. And she’s really nice. It was fun when she led a lesson because she was funny [she had us run to Mr. Rainey and back when he was walking to his office] and she’s helpful.” ~Taylor G. ’27

“She’s generous because she takes her time to be here. She gets to help others, and she really likes taking care of the community. She is kind to us.” ~Lilian H. ’29

“I’m really happy that she’s going to be able to be with us. I think Coach Rainey is really nice, generous and really smart.” ~Alyssa C. ’29

“I like it when she coaches our lessons. She’s not always here so then it’s fun to have a little surprise [that she’s here] for when we come to practice every Tuesday and Thursday.” Isla H. ’27

“I think she’s really nice. I think she’s a good athlete, and she’s a good runner. ~ Emma O. ’29

Coaching Girls on the Run is just one of the ways that Mrs. Rainey has gotten involved at MICDS. She has attended events with Mr. Rainey to experience the life of our School and see students in action; she has volunteered to support the Admission Office with Upper School tours; she is helping host school events at the campus residence throughout the year to get to know the community on a more personal level; and she is looking forward to participating in parent education opportunities whenever possible.

“I feel fortunate to have had such wonderful experiences in schools, and I can’t imagine a better way to spend a career than supporting the positive development of young people.” ~ Coach Rainey

We truly feel like we are the fortunate ones to have Mrs. Rainey as such an important part of MICDS. If you see her out at practice, walking Silas around campus or at the next parent education or student event, be sure to say hello!