Distance Learning Monologue

Distance Learning Roundup for April 16

With all of the creative ways that faculty and students are engaging during the school day, it’s hard to believe that distance learning has been in full swing at MICDS for only three weeks! Below is just a glimpse of what’s going on in the virtual classrooms and in the homes of our Rams. From solving problems to making “Calculus Cookies” and recreating classroom games in the virtual atmosphere to show-and-tell with pets and monologue performances, the learning has only evolved in these unique times!

Ms. Emmy Weiner's Classes with "Solo" by Kwame Alexander

Back in November, Kwame Alexander visited the MICDS Middle School. This spring, during distance learning, 7th Grade English Teacher Ms. Emmy Weiner’s classes read one of Alexander’s 32 books, Solo. Here are some of the 7th grade English classes posting with their copies of the young adult novel.

Show and Tell with Pets

“We’ve done some informal show-and-tells that we wouldn’t have been able to do otherwise,” shares Ms. Krystal White, Middle School Math Teacher and Advisor. During the first day of distance learning, students in Ms. White’s advisory had the opportunity to show off their pets. The following day, they incorporated exercise time where they did push-ups, planks and Ellie Lochhead ’24 demonstrated her incredible acrobatics skills. “We also tried playing volleyball where one person bumped the ball on her screen and then someone else acted like they were receiving it and sent it back.” It’s great to see students making the most of distance learning!

Distance Learning Dogs

In 7th Grade History Teacher Ms. Marie Stanton’s advisory, they also had a “share your pet” day. The girls, who call themselves the Stanton Stingrays, introduced each another to their furry friends or smiled as they saw their peers’ pets.

Distance Learning Pets

Collaborative Gratitude

In Mr. Chris Brennan’s 4th grade class, students worked together to create a message of gratitude for MICDS. Over a Zoom session, they shared how they are #THANKFUL4@MICDS.

Distance Learning Gratitude

Monologue Performances

Genesis Starks ’24 performed her monologue in Mr. Tim Storey’s drama class last week. Check out a glimpse of her performance over Zoom in the photo progression below!

4th Grade Plays Follow the Leader Game Via Zoom

In Mr. Chris Brennan’s 4th grade class, students played the same follow the leader activity virtually that they originally played together in the classroom. Check out this video of how Brennan conducted the game via Zoom to his students’ delight!


Another creative way that Mr. Brennan has utilized the virtual platform in this unique trimester is by creating a visual circle for Morning Meetings. With a graphic that has a picture of each student arranged in a circle, students go around the circle every morning saying “good morning” to the two people virtually next to them. What a fun way to start a distance learning day!

Distance Learning Circle

Calculus Cookies

Calculus Cookies

Mr. Al Begrowicz, Upper School Math Teacher, sent his students this Surprise Filled Cookies recipe where they had to solve the equations to determine the amount of each ingredient. One student did indeed bake the cookies. What a fun way to do calculus at home!

Improvising in Advanced Acting

Advanced Acting dressed up in “found” costumes to celebrate beginning to read The Imaginary Invalid by Molière. Upper School Performing Arts Teacher Carolyn Hood demonstrated this the day prior to prove to her students that they could improvise. “I am so proud of how they rallied to dress up for A period,” she shared. Check out their costumes in honor of The Imaginary Invalid below!

Distance Learning Advanced Acting