Distance Learning Roundup for May 1

Another week of distance learning is complete! Some of this week’s highlights include creating bioethical podcasts in 10th grade science, presenting different chapters of the book Housekeeping in 11th grade and preparing for math assessments with a lock box scavenger hunt in 6th grade. Check out these highlights below!

English Class Delivers Presentations on the Book "Housekeeping"

In Upper School English Teacher Tex Tourais’ class, students are dissecting the book Housekeeping, a story about two sisters growing up in odd circumstances. Students have done 15-20 minute slide and video presentations on different chapters in the book for their classmates, with a goal of helping peers read, understand and engage with the book. They explored biblical allusions, symbolism, imagery and song references, among other topics.

Students used PowerPoint, Screencast-o-matic, WeVideo, Loom and other editing software that generated an .mp4 for classmates and Tourais to watch. The result is a gorgeous patchwork quilt of submissions that reflect insight into the novel and students’ ability to creatively express their learning.

Preparing for Math Assessments with a Lock Box Scavenger Hunt

Sixth grade math has continued work in their Geometry Unit in Middle School Math Teacher Dustin Delfin’s class. “To prepare for the mid-unit assessment, my students were asked to participate in a digital lock box scavenger hunt,” shares Mr. Delfin. Students worked in small groups to problem-solve and share/discuss their approach to various math problems from this unit’s review guide. On the digital lock box platform, students submitted their answers to the corresponding clues. Once the clue was unlocked, the digital lock box instructed students to take specific pictures around their house. The picture scavenger hunt portion to this activity was not connected to math but gave students the opportunity to actively move around in and outside of their house and share their own personal takes of each clue. Students were asked to complete four out of the five clues in order to complete their digital lock box scavenger hunt.

Way to unlock confidence in such a fun way and preparing these 6th graders for their assessment, Mr. Delfin!

Creating Bioethical Podcasts in 10th Grade

In 10th grade science, Upper School Science Teacher Ms. Laura Bradford had her students develop bioethical podcasts. There are four broad categories for which their podcasts fit into: zoology, disease, cosmetic and plants. Within that assigned category, teams broke up to research, record and peer review an 8-10 minute podcast.

“They are not only informative, but also creative,” Ms. Bradford shares. “Despite all of the challenges of working remotely, students were able to work as a team and come up with some innovative and informative recordings!”

Enjoy a podcast when you get out for a walk around your neighborhood, while working out or while on a car ride. Listen to the podcasts here!