Dogs are a Ram’s Best Friend

Dogs have brought a lot of smiles to students throughout campus during the past few weeks at MICDS!

Ellie Visits First Grade

In Lower School, Campus dog Ellie spent an entire morning with one of our first grader classes. Fitting right in, she joined them for their morning meeting and listened as the children read to her.

Ellie visits 1st grade meeting

Upper Schoolers Craft Dog Toys

In Upper School, students were able to earn community service hours during a collaboration period where they re-purposed old t-shirts that they crafted into dog toys. The toys were then donated to Dogwood Farm Sanctuary in Troy, Missouri. Ben and Elizabeth Niven, parents of Morgan Niven ’20, are the volunteer managers at the sanctuary.

“It’s a great stress reliever for kids and lots of fun, all for a great cause,” shares Director of Upper School Community Service Erin Hamill.

Community Service Dog Toys

Students “Paws” for DuoDogs

If that wasn’t enough, DuoDogs were also present on campus last week. Duo is a non-profit organization “providing highly skilled service dogs to individuals with disabilities and uniquely trained therapy teams in the community, offering dignity, hope, and independence to those we serve.” How nice for students to take a moment in their busy days to pet the dogs.